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Trailer º W.A.R.: The Unauthorized Biography of William Axl Rose PDF by ↠´ Mick Wall Given that Mick Wall was put on Axl s sh t list even before Use Your Illusion dropped, a lot of what Wall writes here is based on constructions of second hand accounts, new reports, court documents, etc Which would be fine if it were well written or engaging But Wall is only an adequate writer, and while he tells Axl s story well enough to to not bore readers, his structure choices and time shifts make it a bit hard to follow.
Worse, this really ends up being less a biography of Axl Rose andof Guns N Roses, which is fine for a GNR fan like me, but that s not that the title of the book leads you to believe.
Axl Rose is in my top 5 of English mother tongue I love a number of Asian singers that I rank separately singers In no particular order, he, Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury, Robin Zander and Steve Marriott are my all time favorites I ve known that Axl was a troubled personality but I did not know to what extent until reading this book After reading this, I guess I am one of the lucky ones who saw the original Guns n Roses without waiting a couple of hours for concerts to start, etc I play their cd s to this day just about every week, especially Use Your Illusion which I think is just as good as Appetite for Destruction Different but brilliant I m giving a generous 4 stars to this because I think the author gave as much information as he could about Axl Rose I found it interesting And, of course, tragic that someone as uniquely gifted as Axl does not seem to have any happiness fr Some mildly interesting stuff, but nothing new Plus, the author seemed mainly concerned with addressing his personal issues with the subject.
You ll remember journalist and critic Mick Wall as one of the gents Axl invited into the ring in the song from Use Your Illusion II This book, proving that there aren t any hard feelings, is fair, well researched, and reveals some new things even for those who ve been following the band and the main man all along The portrait of Axl delves a bit into his psychosis and psychiatric treatment so that we see him not as the bad guy who s megalomania broke up our favorite band, so much as the troubled guy who s megalomania broke up our favorite band It s good to go back to a time when everything was roses when we held on to the guns, and about time we hadinformation about what s going on now with the everchanging, unwieldy incarnation of GN R This book pulls it all together and keeps the hope alive.
Some say that Axl Rose killed the rock star, and that GnR could ve been the next Rolling Stones were it not for the antics of this charismatic, albeit oft unlikable, front man In their prime, Axl Co were an apotheosis of chaotic rockers Aside from digging their music, I found something enticing about their hard knocks glamour and volatility So I figured I d give this book a shot read about thirty pages Didn t seem poorly written, certainly accessible But then one chapter concluded with Axl saying Unless it s like, this is it, man Like, fuck it, let s go down in fuckin flames with this motherfucker you know At this juncture, I feel like my IQ would drop ten points were I to continue reading Perhaps I m just not meant to go down in fuckin flames with Axl.
I decided that it was silly to force myself to read a book that I wasn t enjoying, just so I could say that I had read it all Besides, I borrowed a small stack of graphic novels from the library yesterday and got two new books to review for the Feminist Review in the mail So I have plenty of good stuff to read.
I do want to point out that this book contains some of the worst writing I have ever encountered I ve read a lot of fluffy, simple writing, books that I think of as easy readers for adults, but this is just plain bad It is full of sentence fragments, and I don t think they were a stylistic choice Here s one example of the bad, bad writing Clearly there were other things affecting the way Axl thought about things Really Some guy got paid to write that sentence What I find most unbelievable is that the author i A Journalist Who Had Unprecedented Access To Guns N Roses At Their Peak Delivers A Big, Brash History Of The Band S Charismatic, Fantastically Talented And Idiosyncratic Leader W Axl RoseEven In The World Of Rock And Roll, A Figure Like Axl Rose Doesn T Come Along Very Often Mercurial And Brilliant, Deluded And Imperious, Rose Defies Easy Description Or Analysis Few People Have Studied Rose As Closely As Mick Wall Has Traveling With Guns N Roses And Writing About Them In The Late S And Early S, Wall First Earned Axl S Trust And Later His Fury WAR Goes Back To The Beginning, Revealing Rose S Childhood Influences And How He Got His Name , And Tracking The Birth Of The Band And Their Enormous Success With Albums Like Appetite For Destruction And Use Your Illusion With Fame And Money Came Substance Abuse And Infighting, And A Lead Singer Who Morphed From Eccentric To Seemingly Unhinged Wall S Book Is Richly Detailed And Offers Surprising New Views On Some Celebrated Guns N Roses And Axl Rose Incidents, Including The Death Of Two Fans At A Concert In Donington Park In England, Rose S Fall Out And Eventual Split From Every One Of The Other original Gn R Band Members, Fights With Perceived Enemies Like Kurt Cobain, Motley Crue S Vince Neil And Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger, Rose S Consistent Refusal To Show Up At Concerts Throughout His Career, Axl Becoming A Virtual Recluse At His Malibu Mansion For Most Of The PastYearsThe Book Goes Right Up To The Present, To Explore Why A New Guns N Roses With A Reconfigured Band Has Toured But Still Hasn T Released Their Long Awaited Album Chinese Democracy, Now Over A Decade In The Making At A Cost Of OverMillion WAR Is About Great Music, Bad Relationships, And The Public And Private Personas Of One Of The Most Controversial Performers Of Our Time I have mixed feelings on this book On one hand I really enjoyed it was as a book fan one of those so bad its kind of good But as a Axl Rose fan I am upset and disappointed Not only that its probably the most biased books I ever read The author would go off on a bunch of facts about other bands witch often made me feel that the book wasGuns N Roses compared to the rest of rock and less about just Axl.
DUDE yes the unauthorized biography of axl rose can i just say how totally into guns n roses i was when i was younger my parents were weirdo bike speed freaks, they were way into heavy metal they once had to sell their house move after the neighbors found out they had attended a scorpions concert stopped talking to them , they got me into heavy metal as a child, i only wore black stuff with skulls on it, i was really into all those metal bands, including guns n roses i still quite enjoy flipping around the radio stumbling across sweet child o mine or whatever the awesomest thing about them is that w axl rose is a totali don t even know he has issues i don t really understand what those issues are, i don t think his uauthorized biographer who was called out in get in the ring when axl threatened to kick hi Great biography of the troubled lead singer The book is built off of mostly credible and easy to locate sources There are only a few passages here and there which are suspect, but there s really no bias on Wall s part The author is very up front about his role in the band As for Rose, I don t happen to think this paints a completely terrible picture of him In many regards the book makes you feel bad for the guy, but Rose s own past actions highlighted here in one place really stand to lock his place in music history as just another troubled thoughtless rock star In the end he is far less likable than any other member of the original band and this book only confirms yet another reason why I won t spend another cent on making this guy rich, unless he can get it together with the original members As a society we need to stop rewarding jerks for the

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