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[ Pdf Appetite for Destruction à dinosaurs PDF ] by Mick Wall æ Referensi yang menarik Belajar cara melempar pertanyaan yang memang buat musisinya nggak sekedar tanya apakah udah pernah dengerin musik grup lainnya Mick Wall was is a badass journalist.
Good, not great In his heyday Mick Wall was practically a drinking buddy to the biggest rock stars on the planet Of course this sort of rapport tends to produce journalism that s a bit lopsided the interviews stories are often suprisingly intimate, but sometimes a bit too cozy , fawning and verbose the Def Leppard one comes to mind Also, if you re looking for suprises, they are practically non existent ie Dave Mustaine is a tool Scott Weiland is neurotic insecure Jimmy Page is God etc etc Nevertheless, pretty entertaining easy read.
I do love an in depth musician biography This is not really one of those, but it does get to the root of the Rockstar lifestyle and what comes of it So it was a worthy read.
Since I spent half of my life working in music stores I m very aware of all the participants in this book Have been for over 30 yearsI even lived some of it I ve even read some of these articles when they first came out But now that i m older and much wiser I can see the hypocrisy and general stupidity of these arrogant self destructors But we all learn and grow especially when we become loving parents and watch our teenagers pick up where we left off I m not quite sure if the author of this debauchery Mick Wall has fully learned from his King Solomon like escapades In some ways no This lifestyle of celebrities and sin is very seductive and promises a HELL of alot of pleasure soon followed by en

A kind of best of Mick Wall s interviews with various legends of rock metal music and, that were published in Kerrang , Rock World and RAW during the golden age of hard rock music the 80 s up to the explosion of grunge Actually there sto it than that as, he also review some concerts Live Aid 1985, Rock in Rio 1985, Moscow Peace 1989 , meet the illustrator Pushead and, come back briefly on his collaboration with, for example, the photographer Ross Halfin That s quite interesting it surely is an enjoyable read Rick Allen, Ritchie Black, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Page, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine, Axl Rose etc There s enough to satisfy various musical tastes I just regret the ending chapters focus too much on grunge and, not enough on extreme metal only Glen Benton appears here for the release of Once Upon the Cross and, the guy is a pain.
The authors enthusiasm for his subject leaps off the page at you.
A collection of previously published articles, there s a general chronology to the pieces.
It s a difficult job, but someone has to do it I guess Some of it is insightful, some so shallow, but there s a sense of getting to know the subject matter well.
Most of the bands are well known, but not being a true metal fan there were some new names to me.
A good read, but lacks the depth at times.
aw man I LOVE Mick Walls, but this was just ugh Book consists of interviews from the last 80 s to mid 90 s Whitesnake, yes Whitesnake is featured Formatting is odd, Mick s questions are not noticeably set off from the answers.
I get the feeling this was a knock out book to make some quick cash Very disappointed Mick Walls is an outstanding rock writer, otherwise.
The man can turn a metaphor, however.
SKip this one, unless you want to read about Whitesnake LOL.
Some interesting interviews, though the writing was a but over the top in places.
Whether It S Hanging Around With Marillion S Fish In Berlin, Seeing Whitesnake Fail To IgniteS Rock In Rio, Talking Through Old Times With Jimmy Page In His Berkshire Pile Or Following Ozzy Osbourne To Moscow, There Isn T A Rock Luminary That Wall Hasn T Cross Examined Or Kept The Flame Burning With At Some Point Over The Last Thirty Years Here, Amongst Several Pieces, He Catches Lars Ullrich Just On The Cusp Of World Domination Has Dinner With Ritchie Black On The Eve Of A Deep Purple Comeback And Is Up All Night In LA With W Axl Rose Appetite for Destruction Gathers Together Wall S Journalism For Kerrang , For Whom He Was The Star Writer In Their Eighties Heyday It Also Features Brand New Introductions To All The Pieces, Written With Maybe Less Hair But Also The Benefit Of Twenty Years Hindsight The name is misleading,Not exactly legendary encounters, just interviews, most of them not involving any Rockstar madness Still some good interviews here.
Some interesting historical interviews, but otherwise a pretty dull read for the most part.

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