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↠´ Read Ê When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography of Led Zeppelin by Mick Wall õ Veteran Rock Journalist Mick Wall Unflinchingly Tells The Story Of The Band That Pushed The Envelope On Both Creativity And Excess, Even By Rock N Roll Standards Led Zeppelin Was The Last Great Band Of The S And The First Great Band Of TheS And When Giants Walked The Earth Is The Full, Enthralling Story Of Zep From The Inside, Written By A Former Associate Of Both Jimmy Page And Robert Plant Rich And Revealing, It Bores Into Not Only The Disaster, Addiction And Death That Haunted The Band But Also Into The Real Relationship Between Page And Plant, Including How It Was Influenced By Page S Interest In The Occult Comprehensive And Yet Intimately Detailed, When Giants Walked The Earth Literally Gets Into The Principals Heads To Bring To Life Both An Unforgettable Band And An Unrepeatable Slice Of Rock History Mick Wall has the annoying habit of writing first person narratives in a biography But beyond that, this is an interesting biography on one of my NOT favorite bands If the mood hits me correctly, I usually hate Led Zeppelin But nevertheless a fascinating band as a subject matter Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were great session players during the British Invasion years We re talking Herman s Hermits, Lulu, and lots of Mickie Most productions And right away I have to tell you I love that type of musicthan the Zeppelin But to give credit, Page and Jones are remarkable arrangers And the production of Zeppelin records are great What they are not is songwriters They steal songs like a boy or girl stealing an apple from a neighbor s apple tree Listen to Jakes Homes original version of Dazed and Confused Page stole that song He did a great ar It s a big improvement on Hammer of the Gods, and I dithered over whether to give it three or four stars I agree with the reviews here there and everywhere that are calling it the definitive biography It boasts thorough research, in depth knowledge both personal and research based, good writing, and a fantastic book jacket I would have given it four stars if it were not for the following two problems.
Issue One is the italicized second person detours that are meant to take you into the head of various members of Led Zeppelin, Peter Grant, and associates This awkward literary device is an overly forced way of trying to get you to imagine what it must have been like to have been, say, a young flaxen haired hippie lad from the Black Country who gets the opportunity of a lifetime Personally, I don t need italics and the You are Mick Wall, and boy, do you have a story to tell Nothing less than the fable of Led Zeppelin, arguably the greatest rock band ever and, unarguably, the biggest band in the world throughout the 1970s It s not a tale as popularly told as that of the Beatles or the Stones, outside of the gossipy tabloid focus of Stephen Davis Hammer of the Gods What sets you apart from that dreck is that you can bring to the table an in depth knowledge of the band s music You are Mick Wall and you have a story to tell The question is, can you get out of the way of the story long enough not to screw it up When you think about it, you realise that the Zeppelin saga almost tells itself, with so many tales both whispered and shouted over the years of the drug Pretty decent bio, although it was written in 2009 so doesn t have anything about their most recent reunions.
To be honest I couldn t get past about page 30 of this thing the writing style grated on me that much The actual factual historical stuff was insightful enough, but I just can t abide by the particular conceit employed here by the author, of having these multi page italicized interludes that are supposed to be some kind of interior monologue by the protagonists but in second person , e.
g You are Peter Grant It is the summer of 1968, you are thirty three and sick and tired of earning money for other fucking people In the days when you d worked for Don Arden, it hadn t mattered Don could be a right c nt to work for, always on your case, giving you a hard time, always taking the piss, but at least you d been paid regular and in cash Blah blah blah I really hate it when biographers or historians try and put words into people s mouths, it just erodes the Also posted here AGITREADERI m not a big Led Zeppelin fan In fact, I knew relatively little about the band that I didn t learn from listening to classic rock stations while making pizzas at the Bogey Inn back in the day That fact, along with an abnormal lust for books withthan 450 pages, is what led me to pick up Mick Wall s When Giants Walked the Earth A Biography of Led Zeppelin in the first place Also, the cover art is really sweet.
What I really wanted was a definitive chronicle of the band, you know, the one book that d give me everything I need to know Yes, I saw Hammer of the Gods sitting there on the shelf too, but newer is better, right And I really wanted the inside story on that Coverdale Page album In the end, this did the job only adequately I got the inside scoop on the break up and all the tedious dirt about Page s plagiarism issues, but to get that I had to suff This is easily some of the worst writing I ve ever read in my life Presumably Mick Wall had to either dictate this book or write it with one hand because he was obviously using his other hand to masturbate furiously the entire time.
I hated this book the second I started reading it but I admit I was also hooked I had to find out the whole story Unfortunately for all the details about forming the band and who they ripped off and what sex acts were done to whom, there are scant details about the recording process and songwriting the parts that are about music There was barely anything I wanted to read about in it and I was left feeling like I only read part of a story with way too many suppositions.
The ridiculously annoying second person flashbacks are apparently works of fiction as the disclaimer at the beginning notes so I m not sure why I should have read them at all Thi Sometimes, I have these moments of personal insight into myself that make me realize that I do not do things the way that normal people do This book definitely brought one of those on I say this because I literally grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, to the point that I could recognize them from a half second of playtime as I m flipping through the radio dial or skipping randomized songs on my phone playlist I literally cannot remember a time in my life that Led Zeppelin music wasn t there But until I read this book, I couldn t have told you anything about Led Zeppelin themselves Not how many members were in the band Or what their names were Etc I loved the music in a this is just the soundtrack of my life kind of way and I never one time paused to think about it in terms of who the band was or how the music came be Written by Mick Wall, When Giants Walked The Earth A Biography Of Led Zeppelin is the culmination of several years of research, and is written by someone who has known guitarist Jimmy Page for over two decades Its material is based on interviews the journalist has conducted with every member of the band over the years, as well as those who knew and worked alongside them I have been a fan of Led Zeppelin for 45 years and I thoroughly enjoyed this momentous opus, running to 534 pages It is therefore beyond my comprehension how anyone on Goodreads could rate this with One Star having read just 30 pages and giving up on the book Rather like rating a movie after watching just the opening credits I would quali

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