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Trailer ¾ Lemmy PDF by ✓ Mick Wall I loved this book I don t think there s anything groundbreaking in it It s clearly written from a place of love and admiration But I loved it It s funny, it s sad, it clearly evokes the eras it s written about And I cried at the end I ve been a fan of Lemmy for years even named one of my cats after him hey, he had black hair and an independent attitude, it was obvious , this book just reminded me of what a giant we lost when he died.
Great reading about the early era of Lemmy, both in Hawkwind and Mot rhead.
In The Ace Of Spades , Mot Rhead S Most Famous Song, Lemmy, The Born To Lose, Live To Win Frontman Of The Band Sang, I Don T Want To Live Forever Yet As He Told His Friend OfYears, Former PR And Biographer Mick Wall, Actually, I Want To Go The Day Before Forever To Avoid The Rush This Is His Strange But True Story Brutally Frank, Painfully Funny, Wincingly Sad, And Always Beautifully Told, Lemmy THE DEFINITIVE BIOGRAPHY Is The Story Of The Only Rock N Roller Never To Sell His Soul For Silver And Gold, While Keeping The Devil, As He Put It, Very Close To My Side From School Days Growing Up In North Wales, To First Finding Fame In The Mid S With The Rockin Vicars We Were Very Big Up North, I Had A ZephyrFrom Being Jimi Hendrix S Personal Roadie I Would Score Acid For Him , To Leading Hawkwind To The Top Of The Charts InWith Silver Machine I Was Fired For Taking The Wrong Drugs From Forming Mot Rhead I Wanted To Call The Band Bastard But My Manager Wouldn T Let Me , Whose Iconoclastic Album NO SLEEP TIL HAMMERSMITH Entered The UK Charts At NoAnd Its Title Into The Lexicon Of Hip SpeakBased On Mick S original Interviews With Lemmy Conducted Over Numerous Years, Along With The Insights Of Those Who Knew Him Best Former Band Mates, Friends, Managers, Fellow Artists And Record Business Insiders This Is An Unputdownable Story Of One Of Britain S Greatest Characters As Lemmy Once Said Of Wall, Mick Wall Is One Of The Few Rock Writers In The World Who Can Actually Write And Seems To Know Anything About Rock Music I Can And Do Talk To Him For Hours Poor Bastard With The Hard Part Of His Journey Now Over, Lemmy Is Set To Become A Legend Lemmy THE DEFINITIVE BIOGRAPHY Explains Exactly How That Came To Be Decent biography by music writer Mick Wall and friend of Lemmy Lemmy is the quintessential rocker that despite the hedonistic lifestyle was a talented songwriter and an intelligent individual The book shines a bitwhen revealing Lemmy s personal life, especially at the end when he left us for that great gig in the sky.
Lemmy Kilmister was, in many ways, the ultimate embodiment of a true rock star He managed this despite having an anti star attitude The guy was bigger than life to both has fans and his fellow musicans I have not read any of the other biographies of Lemmy, but it is hard to imagine that there are any better than what Mick Wall offers here It s all in these pages the good, the bad, and the ugly.
The philosophical thoughts that Lemmy would offer from time to time were truly insightful He was a man who lived life by his own rules He didn t believe in regrets He was a bass player that hammered the 4 strings like a rhythm guitarist, creating a style that is recognizable nearly from the first note The term gentleman seems to be both out of place and yet completely appropriat I m not a great one for musician biographies Often the music stands alone for me and knowingabout the person behind it could cloud the listening experience which may not be a bda thing always but one I generally avoid However, Lemmy the man sort of came to be bigger than andthan Motorhead a band I ve long enjoyed and so I decided to give this book a go Mick Wall does a rwasonable enough job of telling Lemmys story Personally I found the beginning covering his childhood teen Hawkwind years and the end covering Lemmys philosophical musings and with the benefit of all that had passed being used to summerise a life that certainly stood out Inevitably there is a lot of stuff about fallings out, splits, and the personal abuse that is was part of the scene The book is a good contribution to an era now gone and which on reflection looks a lot wierder to me anyway than This is definitely the best overall account of Lemmy s life or so it seems Bought as a Christmas present for myself this year it is the third Biographical work of Motorhead Lemmy I have read to date and as mentioned the best read to date.
Mick Wall tells a well crafted tail of Lemmy s beginnings to hitting it big with the Rocking Vicars, being a Roadie for Hendrix then getting in with Hawkwind and finally starting Motorhead While I really enjoyed the book Lemmy White Line Fever, it was told by Lemmy himself so it wasa perspective of his life in his own words This being one from many sources you getinformation about different areas and perspective from band members like Eddy Clarke and former manager Doug Smith You also hear a bitabout the drug This is a really well written biography of a well loved rock n roll legend I have been a fan of both Hawkwind Motorhead for many years and I love reading about the personalities within the bands I was lucky enough to see Motorhead play live on three occasions, although not with the classic Lemmy Clarke Taylor line up They were always excellent.
loud and value for money I first read articles by Mick Wall when he wrote for Kerrang magazine in the 80 s The continues to share his considerable knowledge about rock heavy metal music with enthusiastic readers.

I would give the first half of this book four stars, up until about Pete Gill leaving the band Maybe even when Lemmy fires Doug Smith for the second time and moves to LA The rest of the book would rate about two I give Wall full marks for not turning out a book of blind hero worship, of showing the young Lemmy as he was, without trying to protect his cool aura, and for letting some of the former members and associates Fast Eddie, Brian Robertson, Pete Gill, Doug Smith a chance to give their sides of the story It makes for an interesting read and humanizes the man.
The problem comes with Lemmy s move to Los Angeles Once he s ensconced in LA, with the lineup that would stay consistent for the rest of his life with the exception Lemmy is one of the best, coolest cats to have graced this planet And this book is really good, I intended to just buy Lemmy s autobiography also great , but I could not put this book down I do disagree with Mick on some matters of taste Killed by Death is a very cool video , and I love Motorhead s later stuff But he did a great job here, and it has plenty of great quotes right from Lemmy himself, and his great bandmates and friends Well worth a read.

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