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Download Epub Format Ç Foo Fighters PDF by ✓ Mick Wall I was hoping forwith this book, but knew right away I wouldn t like this book too much The author even comes out and says on one of the first pages that this is not a book on the Foo Fighters Uhwhat Because the cover and the description says that it is The entire first half of the book is on Nirvana and although that s great and I love that band, I ve read about that band countless times I understand you totally need to have a chapter or two on the band with Dave Grohl running Foo Fighters, but the book doesn t actually start talking about the Foo Fighters until around page 140 or something out of 268 The Foo Fighters have at that point eight freaking studio albums You can only get 120 pages on that And the majority of that is basically just straight out of the docu It s not terrible It s also not a Foo Fighters book.
To be fair to Mick Wall, he makes no bones about that fact, although it does come across as a bit disrespectful to the other members of the band when he highlights his modus operandi in the first chapter The Foo Fighters is Dave Grohl s band, and always will be So this is a Dave Grohl biography, and a paint by numbers attempt at that.
It s an easy read which illustrates the life of Dave Grohl Plus a lot of Nirvana I mean, a lot I realised that I was just over half way through the book and I d just read about Cobain s suicide I understand as does everyone that we don t get the Foo Fighters without Nirvana, but I wanted a Foo Fighters book, not a Nirvana one.
For new fans of the Foo Fighters, this is probably okay They ll learn things they didn t know and get an insight into the beginnings and history of the band However, if you an easy read but the book is rather about dave grohl than the foo fighters.
and unfortunately, there are some factual errors for example on page 171 the 2011 documentary is called back and forth , and not before and after several quotes from this documentary are attributed to the wrong Foo Fighters member.
plus half of the book covers nirvana and kurt cobain.
i m sure there are better books about the foos.

Another interesting look at the rise of the punk alternative rock world, dealing with being in Nirvana and with Kurt Cobain and the rise of the Foo Fighters I enjoyed the book but not as much as Anthony Kiedis Scar Tissue, much the same as I felt with the Smashing Pumpkins Tales of a Scorched Earth Still a great read though.
This is a Goodreads win review I really loved this book as I have gone to concerts since I was 14 years old Now music pretty much lost me when the heavy metal bands I loved were getting replaced by Grunge or Garage Rock That music was so dark and depressing, I never did learn to like it Dave Grohl who started with Nirvana was a very different person than Kurt Cobain Dave is a happy, lover, and bringer of light in the Foo Fighters I have not been able to see them in person but I have seen them on many programs and they are so great I have read other things by Mick Wall, my favorite is Gun s N Roses The Most Dangerous Band in the World I am going to read all of his books now.
I ve really enjoyed music band biographies from various writers in the past, but this one is poor IMHO Like others have said, it s misrepresented as a Foo s book when in fact the first 100 pages are almost entirely devoted to Nirvana, and the entire basis for the book is Dave G s If this book was sold as a bio on Dave s career that would be fine, but the fact that it isn t is a major deterrent for readers.
Honestly, the rest of Dave s bandmates in this book are depicted as spineless and at times untalented in their own right Is that really true I feel bad for them, if so, but I assume it s the author s spin on some of the band s history.
Next, I really deplore the writing style It reads like the author is simply trying to target half wasted teenagers, with dumbed down language and gratuitous swearing I don t need lofty writing but this is so far at the other end of the spe The author states himself at the beginning that it s basically Dave s biography Prepare for half of the book to be about Nirvana It was overall an easy quick read, great for killing time during travelling but I think I enjoyed the note from Polish editor at the endthan the actual book I feel like I d recommend reading This is A Call , even though the amount of details at some points was overwhelming but that might be because I m just too young to actually know all the references.
You Don T Become The Biggest Rock Star In The World By Being A Nice Guy There S A Reason Why Dave Grohl Is Know, However Naively, As The Nicest Man In Rock A Reason Why Millions Have Bought His Foo Fighters CDs And DVDs, His Concert And Festival Tickets Why Generations Have Bought Into His Story, His Dream, His Self Fulfilling Prophecies Dave S A Giver He May Not Have The Savant Glamour Of Nirvana S Kurt Cobain, But Kurt Was A Taker Kurt Dwelled In Darkness, On The Wrong Side Of The Moon Dave Is A Sun Worshipper, A Lover Not A Loner, A Bringer Of LightLearning To Fly Is His Story, And Therefore The True Story Of The Foo Fighters Like It S Never Been Told Before From Grohl S Days As The New Kid In Nirvana, To Becoming The Grunge Ringo Of The Foo Fighters, On To Where He Is Now The Biggest, Most Popular Male Rock Star In The WorldNone Of This Happened By Accident Internationally Acclaimed Rock Writer Mick Wall Tells Us How And Why In A Style That Pulses With Rock S Own Rhythms, Talking To Friends, Former Band Mates, Producers, Record Company Executives And Those Closest To Grohl And The FoosAs John Lennon Grohl S Hero Once Said Of The Beatles, You Don T Become The Biggest Band In The World By Being A Nice Guy And, Despite What The Mainstream Media Likes Us To Think, Neither Did The Foo Fighters This Explosive Biography The First, Full, No Holds Barred Literary Account Explains Why It was fine, nothing earth shattering I was a big FF fan from 95 00, so it was good to get the truth behind the three band departures from that period But I haven t cared about them since that third album really and didn t find much else in the book interesting Thought his writing style was annoying most of the time I don t need your fan boy commentary throughout I loved the original lineup.
One of the best musician biographies I have read as it tells a very detailed story without mentioning silly little things that don t matter I have previous read a lot about Nirvana yet this book managed to surprise me with a few very important things about those days that weren t mentioned in Charles R Cross s Kurt Cobain biography.

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