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[Mick Wall] Ò Lou Reed [leningrad PDF] Read Online Ò Bloody awful Don t waste you time on this Clearly the writer just didn t like the guy and decided to cash in in his death regardless by putting out this poorly researched pile of dirge.
Lewis Allan Reed mejor conocido como Lou Reed fue uno de los m sicos que supo componer el soundtrack perfecto para los junkies, personajes s rdidos, homosexuales transgresores, transexuales y cualquier otro ser que fuese y se considerase un mala conducta en la sociedad com n y corriente de los a os 60, 70 y 80 El periodista brit nico Mick Wall especializado en biograf as de m sicos y bandas se lanza en este libro llamado Lou Reed Su vida a contarnos con lujo de detalles la vida de este gran m sico que supo mover todas las bases de lo que se estaba haciendo musicalmente en todo Estados Unidos con su banda The Velvet Underground y luego en su etapa solista como Lou Reed Pionero de lo que llamaron posteriormente Rock Alternativo, del Rock Avant Garde y del Glam Lou Reed se movi durante d cadas en la m sica reinvent ndose con Chronology of his music with little analysis of personal relationships A long music review Quick Dirty A no bullshit book that needed to be written One gets a feel for Lou the person, and how intolerable and dreadfully volatile he might ve been Maybe the book was even too nice Lou wouldn t have wanted someone to take his life and try to make something out of it He wasn t a metaphor or a resemblance Like the blurb at the tail end of the extras on Transformer, In the midst of all the make believe, madness, the mock depravity, and the Pseudo sexual anarchists, Lou Reed is the real thing Mick Wall got that This book isn t for those fucking assholes who yell out for me to do Vicious and Walk on the Wild Side It s for people who can understand that a rocker can be misunderstood without being ironic A short, to the point, and extremely funny and well written profile on the last person on earth who would ve ever volunteered to be profiled What s not to like abou first chapter excellent and then the decline into an endless list of music accomplishments, lacked depth and any insight into who he was as a person, but it did give me good reason to cross it off the list and then go out and search for a decent book about this man, if i can be bothered after wading through Mick Wall s laborious pages.
at least it had pictures otherwise a chore.

Lou Reed The cash in The one good thing about this book is that it lead me to conclude that there must be a good Lou Reed biography out there and this is one crossed off of the search list This is a glorified discography with some hastily gathered footnotes from other sources, rushed out just after Lou passed away Useful if you need a primer, though i m not sure how useful a Lou Reed primer is Lou is famous for quoting that I do Lou Reed better than any one else and that is the problem with trying to look at him in depth, you have to look past the mask Mr Wall here doesnt look much past his own pay cheque The book is called Lou Reed The Life well tell me something about his life, i m not interested in your opinion of his music, i want to know something about the man.
There are severa If you know all there is to know about Lou Reed, this may seem a break neck synopsis of the artist and his incredible career, overly brief If you re just a fan, it s the perfect length, with musical creativity at the heart of the narrative Reed s circumstances and influences only analysed in its relevance to his output.
Clearly a muso journalist s offering and none the less for that.
Lou is my life and it s a respectfully enthusiastic book, though the stylistic choices sometimes get in the way of factual information As in, he compromises legitimate facts to make broader,artistic statements Still, it s fun This is not a classic book and I don t think it was meant to be, given the hurried nature in which it was written and published after Lou s death It is an easy read and a good overview of his life and work taken from various interviews and books written about him over his career It is probably fair to say I am a little obsessed with Transformer at the moment, so I enjoyed learning about what led to its creation, but I felt the book lacked real depth or personal insight into the man.
Rock N Roll Was Lou Reed S Life From Recording One Of The Most Critically Acclaimed Albums Of All Time With THE VELVET UNDERGROUND NICO, To Heavy Drug Abuse And Performing In Front Of The Pope, Lou Reed S Story Is One Of Great Peaks And Deep Lows Forever Dedicated To His Art, He Became One Of Modern Music S Most Legendary And Seismic Figures Although A Controversial, Outspoken And Undoubtedly Misunderstood Musician, Lou Reed S Influence On Popular Culture Cannot Be Overstated He Brought Avant Garde To The Mainstream With The Velvet Underground And His Solo Work Was Pronounced A Revelation Hit Albums Such As TRANSFORMER, SALLY CAN T DANCE And BERLIN Have Cemented His Name In The Rock Pantheon A Testament To His Strength Of Character And True Spirit, He Was A Creative And Performer Until The End, Playing Benefit Gigs, Featuring On The New Releases And, Most Poignantly, Declaring That He Was Looking Forward To Being On Stage Performing, And Writing Songs To Connect With Your Hearts And Spirits And The Universe Well Into The Future A True Icon Of Rock N Roll His Legacy Will Live On In This Book

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